About The Global Code of Ethics

For Coaches, Mentors, and Supervisors

The Global Code of Ethics (the Code) is the most comprehensive code of ethics for those working in the world of coaching, mentoring, and supervision. The first version of the Code jointly created by the Association for Coaching (AC) and the EMCC was launched in February 2016.

The newly launched third version of the Code (July 2021) includes a range of additions and refinements reflecting

  • The expansive global reach and range of client work
  • Increasing use of digitalisation and AI
  • The inherent challenges to ethical practice around diversity, inclusion, and privacy
  • Forward planning to optimise professional practice in unexpected circumstances.

As membership bodies, we are committed to maintaining and promoting excellent practice in coaching, mentoring, and supervision, a field that is becoming increasingly professionalised. All our members in their roles as coaches, mentors, supervisors, trainers and/or students) as part of their continuing membership, agree to embrace and respect this Code of Ethics, and adhere to elements and principles of this Code of Ethics, within the signatories’ specific governance and the wider context of practice.

EMCC Global Ethics – Interim statement on Health & Wellbeing – September 2022

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‘A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world’. Albert Camus