How can the Code support & help you

The Code is a guidance document rather than a legally binding one that in detail spells out what a member can and cannot do. The Code sets the expectation of best practice in coaching, mentoring and supervision promoting the development of professional excellence. Its purpose is to:

• Provide appropriate guidelines, accountability and standards of conduct for all our members
• Set out how our members are expected to act, behave, and perform when working with clients
• In conjunction with our respective bodies’ professional competences, guide our members’ development and growth in the profession
• Serve as a guide for those individuals who do not necessarily identify themselves as a professional coach or mentor, but nonetheless use coaching or mentoring skills in their work
• Be used as the basis of any complaint or disciplinary hearing and action following our bodies’ respective complaints procedures.

Read more about the original creation of the Global Code of Ethics at The journey

The Code is available to all working within coaching, mentoring, and supervision

It is hoped that this Code will not only impact the members of the signatory bodies but will also have a wider influence by inspiring the work of people who are not currently members of any of the signatories but carry out coaching and mentoring related activities.

The five current signatories welcome other coaching, mentoring and supervision professional bodies and associations to become signatories to this Global Code of Ethics.

‘Ethics is the activity of man directed to secure the inner perfection of his own personality’. Albert Schweitzer